Self Promotion

Self branding and self promotion. Project developed on 2013 at UFRJ. Orientation: Marcus Dohmann. _ Identidade visual pessoal. Projeto feito em 2013 na UFRJ. Orientação: Marcus Dohmann.

This is my personal logo, my visual identity. As you'll see on the aplications, the main concept of it is plurality. I do seek a mixed career that involves design, writting and illustration, so, I've decided to demonstrate  variety and pluralism in a dynamic logo.
Besides that, I decided to incorporate my last name to its meaning, its signal. "Cruz" means "cross" in portuguese and spanish. In order to not relate the cross with any religion or ideology, I've chosen the mathematical cross, the plus sign. It incorporates also the meaning of quality and addition, which are characteristics I explore in my work as well.
A dynamic logo, or a fluid identity, is a system that uses multiple iterations of a mark to communicate a particular aspect of a brand. In my case,  variety of fields. I used textures, patterns and colourschemes to show  diversity, yet they still remain in the same group. 
The colourscheme and patterns were chosen to fit with my personality and, again, to explore the concept of multiplicity. It has, at least, 5 different patterns and more will come depending on projects and their content. 
So, my self promotion: it includes my curriccullum vitae, my portifolio with (some of) my work, postcards, business card and a cd with my virtual portfolio. It also has a chalkboard mug, which is the gift of this kit.
Chalkboard mug and its tag: "the best ideas start with a sketch!"
Postcards and my folder-poster portifolio. It also includes my CV.
Here you can see where is the poster on the folder.
"Learning never exhausts the mind.”
This is a special version of my CV and it is part of the complete kit.
Postcards. They all contain a short intro about my professional live and achievements.
Normal version of my curricullum vitae and two kinds of business card.
All versions of business cards.
One entrance of my virtual portifolio.
One page of my virtual portfolio.
Stickers and more stickers!
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