​​​​​​​I was commissioned by Adobe Creative Residency to create an original artwork on April 2021 based on a subject of my choice on the Adobe Fresco App + Adobe Illustrator software. This is my commission process and result ✨
Role: illustrator
Timeline: April 2021 - May 2021
Client: Adobe
It’s been time since I’ve been thinking about skateboarding, studying motion, and showing my love for fashion design. Adobe Creative Residency gave me total freedom to choose a subject. They said: "You can draw one of your personal projects if you want to”. So I did it: My ACR Commission is an illustration of skater girls 🏃‍♀️💅​​​​​​​
Rough on Adobe Fresco App (in blue) and sketch (in black) on Adobe Illustration
Why doing the rough on Adobe Fresco App? I was basically playing with composition and the possibilities of the drawing itself. I was thinking about motion since the first scratch, so I could improve it on the later stages of the creative process. The rough is raw and loose because of this. Also, drawing in this early stage on Adobe Fresco reminded me of drawing in my sketchbook! It is such a good software to explore visuals and to let loose on creative thinking. What really got my attention on Adobe Fresco is that you can export a file in a pixel format and in a vectorial format. I've used the Vector Brush Tool, exported the AI file and continued the next steps on Adobe Illustrator.

And why doing the sketch and final art on Adobe Illustrator? It is an amazing software to clean lines and refinement. In this phase, I could add organic lines and mix them with geometric shapes so easily using Adobe Illustrator’s tools. It creates a really good visual balance. Plus, the art finalization on Adobe Illustrator is a total win for me! You can play easily with color palettes and vector dots to improve the details and enhance the illustration detail quality.

Studies during the process. Adding details, redoing lines and experimenting color palettes.​​​​​​​

You can see the whole proccess of this illustration on the video bellow.
Press play and enjoy! ✌️

​​​​​​​Thanks to the incredible fellows of the Adobe team for inviting me to Adobe Creative Residency Fund 2021 🙌 It was a blast!

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